Are they really bad guys?

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  Now when you think maniacal laughs, you have to be thinking.. enemies, bad guys, the darks side, you get the jest. And when you think bad guy, a lot of us get pretty angered, cause really who want's the evil side to win? But as I began thinking about the many villains from some of my favorite films, I began to think, "Most of these villains had reason to why they were bad." And most reasons made sense, and I actually started defending their side. So now I give you, "Understandable Enemies,".

Ex. 1
Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker)
 Yes! the great and powerful Darth Vader!! One of my
personal favorites in the Star Wars Series, (well at least until he was out of the Anakin stage, sorry Ani.)
If you haven't watched the Star Wars series, I will put a link down so you can know his backstory,
So as far as villains go, I think Darth Vader definitely is one of the best. He's cool looking, he knows the powers of the jedi, he's a pilot, and he has one of the best voices thanks to James Earl Jones! When I look at Anakin/Darth Vader, I really feel that the whole time he's just depressed. Leaving his mom, and then finding her dead, it can be a dramatic affect in your life. And he chose to take the negative approach, leading him to the dark side. In the end though, he finally (spoiler) breaks through his anger, and shows his more human, and kind side. Thus, making him a good guy after all!
Ex. 2
Wile E. Coyote 
I know he's a cartoon, but still,...Those of you unfamiliar with this character, he is a member of the Looney Toons cartoons which was wildly popular during the 1970's/80's. Throughout his cartoons, he would try every scheme to capture his nemesis, the Road Runner... And through ever plan, he fails and ends up dramatically hurt. And most cheer for that Road Runner, when really Wile is the true victim. He just wants food! Come on! Let him win once! Not a bad guy.
Ex. 3
Loki Laufeyson
"I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose."
Ah yes, the recently tumblr filled, heart renching prince of the movie screen. An abandoned frost giant, rescued by the frost giant's enemie, King Oden of Asgard, was used as a future peace maker among the two kingdoms, but all failed, and Loki is left to face his future as an enemie of his adopted home. And next he finds out that he can never be king because of his family background, instead his step-brother Thor, (A show off, muscle man, that does anything for a fight), gets placed as King, honestly not my first choice as king.
(Sorry Thor)
So really..... Loki has a reason to want to kill people, (Not that that's right), but we all know what he went through to get there.
Not really a bad guy.  
 Ex. 4
Severus Snape
Now, I'm not sure how to describe him
without spoiling something to those who haven't watched Harry Potter.... but I will try not to reveal anything!
Snape is a negative minded, silent teacher at the school of Hogwarts
Is a questionable character
In short though,.....
ahem.. sorry I lost it there...
I think the best way to describe Snape though would be to compare him with Darth Vader. A depressed but awesome character.
Not a bad guy.
Our next and last example of a good villain also comes from Hogwarts only he is a student.
Draco Malfoy

          Okay, lets see if anyone else felt this way after watching the Harry Potter series, ... At the end of the last Harry Potter, you turn and ask your friend if you're evil cause you felt saddened for the enemy the whole time. Anyone else out there get swooned by Draco??? Anyone? Just me? .... well then. I personally felt that Draco was held to high on the responsibility scale by his father, thus driving Draco alittle crazy. I also felt bad for him because when Harry Potter came along, pretty much everyone at Hogwarts was meaningless..... seriously why does anyone even go there knowing Harry will attract death and unfair points toward his house (Gryfindor). But out of all the other students, Draco is not threatened by Harry, and I like that. Good guy approved, but needs to man up a bit from time to time!

         So there you have it, not all enemies are bad. But then they're really not all that good either. In short, this is a lesson to all of us. If something dramatic or horrid happens to you, you have a choice to either hate that person or whatever did you wrong or make a better choice and move on. Don't choose the dark side, even though it has Tom Hiddleston.

                     Till next time,
 Some villains however, deserve to die!!!
(What other enemies are actually pretty good? Leave a comment!)

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