The girls of Legend of Zelda : Who was the best?

   We will be discussing The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, if you are unfamiliar with the game or have not beaten the game, I warn you now. This blog write is full of spoilers and character info that you may not understand or need to know yet, I'm warning you now.

 In the game Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time,  we meet our hero Link. A young villager of the Kokiri Forest, he has been chosen to be the hero of time and save the Princess Zelda from the evil clutches of Ganandorf. As Link goes through many obstacles, he comes upon many different characters. And what caught me the other day is how many different relationships he forms. In most love novels there's usually a maximum of three people, the boy meets two girls and can't decide, you get the idea. But in the Ocarina of Time, Link comes across four girls (sorry if I left any out). And each one seems to care about Link equally, so the question is, who's the best for our hero of time?

    Let's start off with Saria. Also one of the children of Kokiri Forest, she is Links oldest friend. Though she mocks him here and again, she shows her true feelings throughout the game by doing kind gestures for Link. Starting with her gift of an Ocarina, the most important tool in the Ocarina of Time (duh, it's in the title of the game!) She then teaches him her song, so if he should ever need her help, she will send her help to him. Beside her being a true friend, she is also very protective of the other children of Kokiri. We also find out at the end of the game (spoiler) that she is part of the seven sages, she being the sage of the forest. The one problem that corrupts their possible relationship is the fact that you fins out Link is a Hyrulian, meaning he will age unlike Saria, who will stay young.

    As Link leaves Kokiri Forest, he goes off to find the young Princess in Hyrule. Princess Zelda is quiet young when Link first meets her, though we do (spoiler) meet her again in the end of the game. Though our encounter is short, you know Zelda has to be pretty awesome. Though she is quiet girly, she can hold up quiet a fight. When we meet her again at the end of the game at our final battle against Ganandorf, she shows off her true power of her piece of the Tri Force, tossing a huge blast at Ganandorf, holding him down. She also seems totally chill while the castle begins to fall apart.One thing I think we can all agree on is how disappointing the end of Ocarina of time was, Zelda definitely could've done a better job of thanking Link, but Link does end up meeting up with her again when he travels back in time to present time. But overall, we all know some deep respect was in there somewhere.

Princess Zelda

  When Link leaves Zelda's castle after their fist encounter, we all usually head to a nearby ranch outside Hyrule. Lon Lon Ranch is where we meet many farmers and adorably fat cows! As Link searched around the village he comes across a horse ranch, there, a young girl stands watching the horses. Malon is her name, and she is very pleased to meet a young boy with a fairy. As you visit the ranch occasionally, we always come to find Malon, still happy that you've come again to see her. Link jumps through time, becoming a young man now, and as he returns to the ranch to claim one of the horses, Malon has also grown up. She is pleased that you've rescued the horse from the ranch, as her uncle has ruined the ranches morals and has corrupted it's once peaceful state. Eventually the ranch, along with the rest of the kingdom is saved as Link kills off Ganandorf. Unlike the other girls in the game, Malon is the most like Link, and she is not royal nor is she a sage.

   Last is another Princess. We meet Princess Ruto in the Water Temple and unlike the other girls, she is very clear on her emotions toward Link. She, along with the other living in the water temple are not human or elf, but zoras, a aquatic looking creature with human like features. The two met as young children, and after one of the many quests you make in the water temple, you eventually bump back into Princess Ruto who makes you say many vows with her. Later on you find out that those vows were marriage vows, and you find this out from Princess Ruto who has aged since then. But like Saria, she is forced to push off their relationship because she too (spoiler) is one of the sages as well, sage of water.
Princess Zuto


   So there are the four main girls we meet throughout Ocarina of Time. Though most vote for team Link and Zelda, I personally feel like Saria was the winner of Link. But after looking at the four girls, I came to realize that Malon would be the best for Link. Reason why? Unlike the other girls, she would be able to hold a lasting relationship, she's not royal or a sage, so she's not tied down toward anything. Also, she will age naturally like Link would in their future years together. Though Zelda is also a Hyrulian like Link, she wasn't as clear with her emotions as the other three had been. And as you play the game, you hear many rumors throughout Hyrule or Maron having dreams of being rescued by a knight in shinning armor. But these are only little fan facts, your opinion is most important. So who do you think was the best choice for Link? Leave a comment below! That's all for today!                                                       
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Confessions of a Fangirl

   So today, Rigby and I are putting together something special. We're hosting a joint post about our crazy obsessions over Howl from the Studio Ghibli production: Howl's Moving Castle

(Spoilers ahead, duh!)

 Howl's Moving Castle

   To start things out, I thought it might be beneficial to hold an interview in order to grasp how deeply the fangirl fever has taken hold over us. Following that, we'll talk about our favorite characteristics of the movie (& Howl).

   To start with, Rigby, when was it that Howl ate your heart?


      I had just checked out the film from the library. Though I had watched bits and pieces of the movie at a friend's house, it still wasn't enough for me to go off of. So there I was, watching the movie, slowly starting to get a feel for it when suddenly, the main character (Sophie) meets Howl. With his protective and confident attitude, he definitely made me swoon. And just something about his very loving attitude toward Sophie makes me love him more. I love the fact that, though they've just met, he still has a deep respect for her and treats her as if she were royal. Even though she thinks she is worth nothing, he chooses her out of everyone else, and I like that.


   Let's say, in a twist of pre-designed fate, that you wound up with Howl instead of Sophie. How do you picture things with you in the mix? Do you prefer a blond howl/modern home? Would you bond with Markel more or less than Sophie did? How would you have done things differently if you were in her place?


   Well to begin with, I would be much more defensive to Howl. I don't think I would be as cooperative to him helping me, though he is simply being a gentleman. I honestly could see me sticking him up and giving the cold shoulder (I'm terrible.). When it comes to Howl's hair, I honestly don't mind any of them, black, orange, blonde, I think he pulled them off well! If Howl had managed to drag me back to his home (because I'd be rebellious, stranger danger!!) and I had to become roommates with Markel and Calcifer, I think I could live with it. Though they are both stubborn in the beginning, I think with my equal amount of stubbornness, we'd all be able to eventually get along. And with Markel's young wizard skills, he probably could teach me a thing or two! And as for Calcifer, I just find him adorable. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with Calcifer. Lastly, if I were Sophie,  I do think that I wouldn't have been so harsh to the Witch of the wastes. Being a person who won't even walk around a really slow old person, I definitely wouldn't have been able to dismiss a customer, no matter how rude. (Yeah, being too nice can be a definite problem... )

   In conclusion of this interview, how would you have reacted to being turned into an old woman? Sophie handled it with extraordinary ease, accepting it at once and dealing with it in turn. Would you have acted the same way in her place?

        I definitely think I would have some trouble adjusting to becoming an old woman; but, I think I would have reacted a lot like she had, startled, confused, scared then adjusted.  In that kind of a situation you're first feeling would have to be startled, seeing yourself as an old woman. It's gotta be a creepy experience! And I think that I would be very worried on how to get the spell broken, because you can't run to your family for help! It would be a very hard problem to deal with.


Howl's Moving Castle  Творчество поклонников Студии GHIBLI - Воскресный винегрет. Пятьдесят девятый выпуск.

    As I wrote in one of my answers, I said that I wouldn't have turned the Witch of the Wastes down. If she entered you're hat shop with a rude attitude, would you have dismissed her like Sophie had? And if the Witch cursed you for your actions, would you have looked for help from Howl as well?


   Actually, during the film I quite admired Sophie's way of handling the Witch of the Wastes! In my mind, I would have handled it similarly, if not in the same way. My thoughts on the matter are pretty much that the Witch intended to curse Sophie regardless of how she handled the situation. Knowing that, even if  I knew the person who'd walked in was the Witch of the Wastes I think my attitude and briskness in dismissing her would have been the same.
   On that second one, I have to deviate from Sophie however! I'm not terribly proud of the fact, but my pride would be much to steep for me to go to Howl (or really anyone), for help. However, if placed in a situation with Howl (such as Sophie's), where she coincidentally landed up in his castle, I would have been thrilled!

   In the film, Howl's attitude changes a lot throughout the movie much like his appearance! Do you think if you were Sophie, that you would be able to cope with Howl's meltdowns? Especially in your cursed state.


   Absolutely not. I think the thing I prize most in a man is maturity and responsibility. I would have likely strangled both of us. Him for his inability to achieve the standards I've set for men in general, and me for failing to achieve the standards I set for myself! Cursed into being an old woman would set me back quite a bit from the rest of my generation.

   Lastly,  you asked me when Howl ate my heart. So when exactly did he eat yours? And what made you so fond of his character?


   Oh, where to begin! I don't exactly remember the first time I saw the movie. I've seen it so many times since then, the memories have sort of blossomed and leaked together. However, I do vaguely remember that throughout the whole movie, (especially when Sophie meets Howl for the first time), I was smitten. His aura of protective adoration blew my mind. He treated her with such tenderness, as though she were delicate and fragile. Though Sophie didn't see herself as beautiful (which was furthered on by the curse), Howl did. Not only did he tell her this, but his actions showed it--his eyes showed it. Until that point I'd never felt swept off my feet for a fictional character, however, I did then. Howl was mysterious, but had an edge of vulnerability about him. Along with being eloquent, and sincere, what most impressed me about him was that he deeply cared for Sophie despite both their many flaws.
   I might also add, that his appearance and voice are also big additions to my obsession over him! 

Howl's Moving Castle 

  Overall, I think Howl's Moving Castle was a master piece. With it's vivid animation and wide variety of characters, it's hard just to like Howl. Though I usually love Howl over all, I can't help but add the fact that Calcifer is just as cool. He being the second character that I like, Calcifer, is a small fire demon who shares a thick bond with Howl. And the two make an awesome duo! Secondly, I can't help but add The Witch of the Wastes to my list. After her powers are taken away from her, she becomes a scrawny little grandma. And if you knew me, you'd know that I think old people are just adorable, so she definitely is on my list of reasons I love this film. Lastly, I think this movie shows us how there is magic in everyday life. Though witches and wizards and moving castles don't really exist, love, beauty and friendship do. By leaping out of our comfort zone, we are able to see what we've been missing and build relationships with people. We create a magical bond with our creative selves and that's how we can see the magic of everyday life. And that's what I see through this move, 'enjoy what you have, and live while you can.'

With those beautifully worded thoughts, I think this wraps up our post on Rigby and I's fangirl confessions!
If you haven't seen Howl's Moving Castle, and rebelled through this, it is truly a visual master piece, as Rigby stated before. If you don't love it as much (or more) as we do, I will be surprised!

Until next time!


Hotarubi no Mori e

I cried an indecent amount of hot tormented tears during this short anime film. I'm going to avoid spoiling it for you because you've likely not seen it, due to it not being the 'top five things people watch today' list. However, Hotarubi no Mori e was one of the most beautifully tragic productions I've seen in a long time. It really hit you where it counts, not only wrapping you up into serious connections with the characters, but exploring themes we experience throughout our childhoods. That of magic, love, and an innocence time seems to drag away. 

   There were a few quotes in the movie I thought I would share, (mind you, there are tons more; but they would spoil it for you).  Some of these are fan made as well, so bare in mind you may not see them when you watch the movie.

"Something that disappears when touched... It's just like snow, isn't it?"

"I thought of you during winter. Even during autumn and spring. Don't forget about me."

   To put it shortly, I loved this film. I made my sisters watch it with me as well, and honestly, the second time I cried so much harder. It put so simply how love isn't about physical contact, or even appearance. By removing those things, it shows that love runs much more deeply than those two could even touch upon. As a long time fan of Studio Ghibli, It reminded me a lot of the simplicity and beauty of Hayao Miyazaki's work.

   If you're looking for a short clean anime, this is the one for you. It's free to watch online or even on youtube. 

Until next time!