Reading Challenge!

  As most do, the time of new years is a time where you create a new year's resolution, something you want to try to attempt and conquer through this year. As I saw this one line while looking through google, I instantly thought of myself.

"Can create a million plans, but can only conquer two."
Now as depressing as that sounds and as low as that makes me sound, I just want to assure
you that I am not a lowlife. (Though we all have lived those sweatpants, movie marathon lives once or twice.) I would call myself a bit lazy, but more so a girl with far too much on her mind. I overfill my "schedule" and once I have an open spot, I jump over to the computer or I go relax. And I never get any true work done during my free time.
If you knew me super well, you'd know that one of my biggest and hardest challenges in life
is reading a book independently. Notice, I put independently. In school I read several books and I loved being able to open up a new one and read throughout several genres of stories. I wondered why it was that I loved to read then, and not now, why did I loose my urge? My conclusion came to these three answers.
  1. I like to be read to.) Call me childish, but I love those audio books and being able to follow along in my own book. And as a young student, that's how our teacher would read to us. She'd read and we'd follow along. So reading on my own makes it boring and I have to much on my mind to focus.
  2. I grow bored.) So, not to be hateful towards the books of right now, but unless you're interested in vampires, romances, weird end of the world styled stories, there are no books for you. And sadly, that's where I fall. And because of my lack of interest in all these popular books out, I grow tired of searching for a good read. I also get bored quickly when reading new books, I never get addicted to the plot lines anymore.
  3. Last, I have no deadlines.) Unlike in school, where you had a sort of timeline or due date to finish the book; I have nothing or no one to encourage me to continue reading. So without a partner or goal, I end up taking six months to read a forty page book.
And so here's what I've come up with; I would like to get back into reading again, BUT,
I would like the assistance from you guys. For those of you interested, I have gathered a few of these pretty good sounding books, and I've also collected a few audio books through Youtube.
Now if you are interested, please do comment the book you'd like to read along with me, and maybe we can start a sort of timer for one another.
So here are the books :
The Red Necklace

So I found this book through Goodreads, and I was quite intrigued by it's storyline.
But more importantly, I came to find that it was in audiobook form and was narrated by none other than Tom Hiddleston or Loki as most of you should know him as.
It has been very addicting so far, and is read very well, but, I have ran low on time, so of course, this one got put down for a long while. So if any of you want to audiobook along with me, please comment below!
Here's the link to the audiobook:
The Hobbit
After watching this great trilogy, I had to start reading this amazing book. But, like I've
stated, I run so low on time, and I get so distracted in other works I have to get done. I believe if I had a partner, I could finish it quicker. And, like the last book, I found this one in audiobook form as well.
The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman
I've heard many good things about this book. And the fact that it's a short read
compared to the others makes it all the better! Though when I tried to find this book at Barnes and Nobles, they hadn't gotten any yet. *Sigh* But, none the less, I shall soon get a copy soon and when I do, I'll need someone to read along with!
So if anyone would want to read any of these books along with me, please comment below. Or, if you have any other short reads or comments of the books above, please share it with me!

The Grinch is Elsa??

   So as we cleaned up the house, boxing up all of Christmas, we forgot to include one thing... How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This being my favorite of the Christmas films, I wasn't mad that we left this one out, but as I watched for the kazillionth time, I noticed some similarities between this classic film and one of the classics of our time.
                                         Today, I share the interesting similarities between :

1. The Main Character's misfit characteristics
So as we know, The Grinch is a young child to begin with, arriving like all the other
baby whos do, but as everyone can see, this thing is obviously way wrong. Unlike the other whos, the kid has green hair covering his body, he hates Christmas (the whos most celebrated holiday), and he's just lacking in this holiday spirit that the town infests during year.
Elsa too shares a sort of outcast type of characteristic as well as she's pushed away from the outside
world due to her mysterious powers and is perceived as a threat to her sister and kingdom. She is shut off and is treated differently due to these powers.
2.  Their fear/anger over takes them. Resulting with them running up a mountain top and living there.

     This one is super weird, but both end up doing it. As the Grinch grows older and becomes sick of the whos bullying toward him, even when he tries to cooperate with the holiday traditions, he creates chaos and thrashes the classroom, sending his classmates away in fear. As he too runs away, he runs far out at the edge of town and climbs up into the mountain, and there he remains, creating a pretty awesome house for himself too!

    Elsa, now an orphaned princess, must now take the responsibilities in her parents place as Queen. This too is a way to cooperate and please the people of the small town. As she must hide her secret from both the town and her sister. During the coronation celebration, she accidentally creates havoc as her power is revealed. The people run away in fear as she too runs away, leaving behind her kingdom and heads up a mountain. (Where she too builds an awesome house!)
3. Both relate to hearts a lot.
Now this is a smaller connection, but it's pretty meaningful to both films. As the
Grinch now lives alone, he  goes through his small and pretty boring routines everyday. One being, checking his heart size. His heart size is determined by how much love or hatred he feels, and being a hateful Grinch, that heart is pretty darn small. Now at the end of the film however, as he gains an understanding of what love really is, his heart grows three sizes, resulting in him understanding the emotion of love.
Elsa, though her heart doesn't grow three sizes, gains the understanding of love after,
(spoiler) she freezes her own sister's heart. When danger threatens Elsa's own life, her sister Anna, risks her own life and stands up to the threat, resulting in Anna freezing into a solid statue of ice. When Elsa sees her sister in this state, she feels the feeling of love, and cries from the loss of her sister. But, thanks to Elsa's warmth in her heart, Anna's frozen heart is thawed and thus the two are reunited thanks to the power of love.
4. Both have their own song.
Even though the Grinch's wasn't as repeated on the radio as much as Elsa's,
the Grinch's is an iconic theme for the Christmas. For all those grouches during the Christmas season, the Grinch covers his hatred and disgusting characteristics in one song.
And for those who haven't heard the hit song sung by Elsa in Frozen.... obviously,
you have saved your ears. Honestly, I don't think I've ever dreaded hearing a Disney song, but this song has proved me wrong. None the less though, this song I believe will forever be Elsa's theme song.
5. Both have a cheery buddy who helps them out.
As the Grinch sits in his own bitter hatred toward the whos, he is confronted by one of
the youngest of the whos, a miss Cindy Lou-Who. She has learned the things that had happened to the Grinch, and instead of fearing him, she goes up to his home and tries her best to encourage him to come back and to celebrate Christmas with them just this once. Beside her mission, however, I'll label some of Cindy's characteristics that make her the cheery side of the Grinch.

* She's kind, and though she sees the Grinch's worst, she still holds hope in him.
* She's determined; even when her town doubts her thoughts on the Grinch, she stays true toward her friend.
*Lastly, she's equally as important; though she is only the second major role in the film, this movie needs her just as much as the Grinch. She is somewhat the hero and plays a key to the end.
Elsa's sister Anna, the young oblivious sister is sort of in the shadows as her sister's curse absorbs 
the attention of her parents and most of the castles' staff; Anna, we learn is a hopeless romantic, falling for the first signs of love. But despite her silly and quirky nature, she also holds much to the film like Cindy does to the Grinch.
* She's kind; showing an open nature toward her subjects and a more socialness than her sister
* She's determined; As her sister is claimed to be a monster and the town falls into fear, she holds tightly toward her hopes and promises to bring back prosperity.
* She's equally important; though Elsa has grabbed the film and audience, Anna brings to this film a comic relief, a traditional fantasy romance, a hero and a key to the end.
Now if that isn't enough for you, I don't know what is. Though Elsa wasn't 'truly' the enemy
in her film, she and the Grinch share many similar issues and coincidental endings. Overall, both are a joy to watch and still are totally unique and different in their own ways. Hope you enjoyed this read! And until next write, this is Rigby Sixtyfour signing out!
Also, check out Lyndsey Evenstar's independent writes, as well as mine! Links below:

The 13. The Hair. And the dumb eagles.

   I'm going to make some of you cry. Not because an amazing person died or any drastic thing like that. No. This is just one of those cries that a girlfriend has after she finds out that her boyfriend doesn't like Breakfast at Tiffany's.

             Here's the honest truth...
                                             up until November.... I had never ever..
                                 watched Lord of the Rings trilogy or The Hobbit trilogy.

    I'm sorry for how slow and behind I am, truly I am. It's not until November did I truly discover the years I'd missed not having these films in my life. My sister, a fairly big fan, was wanting me to watch these films in order, starting with The Hobbit trilogy, because she wanted me to see at least on of these films in theaters (being that the last Hobbit film just recently came out in December).

   So she had me watch the first two Hobbit films, leading up to our trip to the movies for the third. But let's not talk about the third one, we have to start with the first Hobbit film she showed me. Now I know this film is called "The Hobbit." and indeed, there is a hobbit/the hobbit. But as we watch these films, we are quickly introduced to a group of thirteen dwarves and quickly we fall in love with them.

    The deciding who my favorite dwarf at the end of these films was the hardest decision ever! It was just as hard as when I tried to pick a favorite character out of the Guardians of the Galaxy film. All the dwarves are different and all had awesome personalities. I could describe them all, but, I'll spare you the many pages of reading. + you can just google them.

    As far as the elves go.... I seriously want whatever hair product their using because they're hair is flawless. If L'Oreal ever wants a mascot for their hair products, use Legolas! Forget Thor! But I also loved their clean and high proper manor. They just are so perfect. And then their army is pretty affective as well as their weapons. One thing I do have to complain about the elves is their women. Elvish women must not like Elvish men at all. And they always fall for other types of guys, whether it be human, dwarf, goblin, seriously anything other than a male Elf is fine! (But stay away from Kili Tauriel...... he's mine.. he's my precious......)

 Now as I'm watching these films and watching the many battles these dwarves and hobbit go through, it's pretty easy to see how these little guys have some trouble here and there. I mean, sure they're pretty amazing despite their size, but honestly, when I saw the damage and power of these random eagles that Gandalf summoned I was in shock.
     These guys have been walking, and walking, and walking. Like half of the movie is them running through this wide open area; and Gandalf has had this ability the whole time?!
    And once these eagles do come and save the dwarves butts from possible horrible circumstances,
these eagles swoop down giving them all a lift and then instead of taking them to this mountain that's super far off, they drop them off on this tall boulder.  Sure it's got a great view of the mountain we need to get to.... but ..... I'm just curious to how they got down that.
Anyway, as of now, I have watched the Hobbit trilogy and have started the Lord of the Rings.
And as I've learned from just watching the first film of this trilogy, already I know this is going to take a bit longer than the Hobbits. The conversation my sister, brother-in-law, and I had the day watching it:
*Disc one of the LOTR: Fellowship ends*
Me: That was a great film! So was that it? Do we watch the next one?
My sister: No, that was just part one, now we watch part two.
B.I.L.: Yeah, this is the blueray edition, it's got extra footage.
Me:.......... But it's been like.. 2 hours!!
Yeah, just one of the films alone had to be split onto two discs. Discovering that after you've
just sat for two hours already and you've just finished part one...

And what happened here?? Two Goblin Kings, one from the 80's one from 2000's.