The Grinch is Elsa??

   So as we cleaned up the house, boxing up all of Christmas, we forgot to include one thing... How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This being my favorite of the Christmas films, I wasn't mad that we left this one out, but as I watched for the kazillionth time, I noticed some similarities between this classic film and one of the classics of our time.
                                         Today, I share the interesting similarities between :

1. The Main Character's misfit characteristics
So as we know, The Grinch is a young child to begin with, arriving like all the other
baby whos do, but as everyone can see, this thing is obviously way wrong. Unlike the other whos, the kid has green hair covering his body, he hates Christmas (the whos most celebrated holiday), and he's just lacking in this holiday spirit that the town infests during year.
Elsa too shares a sort of outcast type of characteristic as well as she's pushed away from the outside
world due to her mysterious powers and is perceived as a threat to her sister and kingdom. She is shut off and is treated differently due to these powers.
2.  Their fear/anger over takes them. Resulting with them running up a mountain top and living there.

     This one is super weird, but both end up doing it. As the Grinch grows older and becomes sick of the whos bullying toward him, even when he tries to cooperate with the holiday traditions, he creates chaos and thrashes the classroom, sending his classmates away in fear. As he too runs away, he runs far out at the edge of town and climbs up into the mountain, and there he remains, creating a pretty awesome house for himself too!

    Elsa, now an orphaned princess, must now take the responsibilities in her parents place as Queen. This too is a way to cooperate and please the people of the small town. As she must hide her secret from both the town and her sister. During the coronation celebration, she accidentally creates havoc as her power is revealed. The people run away in fear as she too runs away, leaving behind her kingdom and heads up a mountain. (Where she too builds an awesome house!)
3. Both relate to hearts a lot.
Now this is a smaller connection, but it's pretty meaningful to both films. As the
Grinch now lives alone, he  goes through his small and pretty boring routines everyday. One being, checking his heart size. His heart size is determined by how much love or hatred he feels, and being a hateful Grinch, that heart is pretty darn small. Now at the end of the film however, as he gains an understanding of what love really is, his heart grows three sizes, resulting in him understanding the emotion of love.
Elsa, though her heart doesn't grow three sizes, gains the understanding of love after,
(spoiler) she freezes her own sister's heart. When danger threatens Elsa's own life, her sister Anna, risks her own life and stands up to the threat, resulting in Anna freezing into a solid statue of ice. When Elsa sees her sister in this state, she feels the feeling of love, and cries from the loss of her sister. But, thanks to Elsa's warmth in her heart, Anna's frozen heart is thawed and thus the two are reunited thanks to the power of love.
4. Both have their own song.
Even though the Grinch's wasn't as repeated on the radio as much as Elsa's,
the Grinch's is an iconic theme for the Christmas. For all those grouches during the Christmas season, the Grinch covers his hatred and disgusting characteristics in one song.
And for those who haven't heard the hit song sung by Elsa in Frozen.... obviously,
you have saved your ears. Honestly, I don't think I've ever dreaded hearing a Disney song, but this song has proved me wrong. None the less though, this song I believe will forever be Elsa's theme song.
5. Both have a cheery buddy who helps them out.
As the Grinch sits in his own bitter hatred toward the whos, he is confronted by one of
the youngest of the whos, a miss Cindy Lou-Who. She has learned the things that had happened to the Grinch, and instead of fearing him, she goes up to his home and tries her best to encourage him to come back and to celebrate Christmas with them just this once. Beside her mission, however, I'll label some of Cindy's characteristics that make her the cheery side of the Grinch.

* She's kind, and though she sees the Grinch's worst, she still holds hope in him.
* She's determined; even when her town doubts her thoughts on the Grinch, she stays true toward her friend.
*Lastly, she's equally as important; though she is only the second major role in the film, this movie needs her just as much as the Grinch. She is somewhat the hero and plays a key to the end.
Elsa's sister Anna, the young oblivious sister is sort of in the shadows as her sister's curse absorbs 
the attention of her parents and most of the castles' staff; Anna, we learn is a hopeless romantic, falling for the first signs of love. But despite her silly and quirky nature, she also holds much to the film like Cindy does to the Grinch.
* She's kind; showing an open nature toward her subjects and a more socialness than her sister
* She's determined; As her sister is claimed to be a monster and the town falls into fear, she holds tightly toward her hopes and promises to bring back prosperity.
* She's equally important; though Elsa has grabbed the film and audience, Anna brings to this film a comic relief, a traditional fantasy romance, a hero and a key to the end.
Now if that isn't enough for you, I don't know what is. Though Elsa wasn't 'truly' the enemy
in her film, she and the Grinch share many similar issues and coincidental endings. Overall, both are a joy to watch and still are totally unique and different in their own ways. Hope you enjoyed this read! And until next write, this is Rigby Sixtyfour signing out!
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