A Rigby Recommendation : Ore Monogatari

   Hello once again! Hopefully you're all still out there and we haven't disappeared from you guys for too long. To be honest, there have been many moments where I've sat down, gotten all cozy and ready to write something for this blog, but as I start to type, there are just never any words (I'm sorry to admit). I'm not sure if it's a lack of inspiration, or just pure laziness. But if I had to chose between those two, I'm going to have to sadly go with lazy. (I'm sorry!!) But, as life is getting back to it's stable and normal nature, I too have come back to doing these things.

   Over this hectic and busy summer, my boyfriend introduced me to this anime series. It was pretty new, and only contained about five to six episodes when we first started watching it together. I wasn't totally impressed at first, but I am so overly hooked now! It is so cute, relatable, and just an overall addicting series. It's called Ore Monogatari, and it is so good. I assume you'd like a bit more than my "it's so good, so cute" review and description, so I'll inform you a bit better:

   So the show starts off with two characters. The more main character of the two is Takeo (Gouda, Takeo), a true example of a gentle giant as he towers over most others, but still being kind and generous in any way he can express. The other character would be his best friend Suna (Sunakawa Makoto), the more quiet and conserved out of the two. The two have known each other since grade school and have stayed friends up to their current years in high school.

  Out of the two, Suna has always been the more attractive one, always catching all the girl's attentions. Takeo, not jealous but more so curious to how Suna could turn down all these beautiful girls, questions his own relationship status. He wonders when will love find him, or even if it will ever come at all. Not until one day on the subway does Takeo find love. As he ad Suna are heading off to school, Takeo notices a pervert trying to molest a girl. Takeo, not wasting any time, grabs the man and saves the girl.

   The four; Suna, Takeo, the girl, and the pervert all go to the police station, and shortly after, the girl thanks Takeo. The girl, Yamato (Yamato, Rinko) barely reaching the height of Takeo's chest, is a small and petite character, and her cute and innocent nature catches Takeo quickly. And Takeo's strength and kindness has Yamato falling for him too. The two exchange e-mails so Yamato can thank him with a personally made cake; but as the two continue to talk,  a few more feelings begin to bloom.

  I found this show to be so creative and different, and so far not one episode has bored me. Each episode brings something new and both my boyfriend and I get so eager to watch what happens next. I highly recommend this to all of you anime lovers out there and for those who are alright with reading captions. I will put links at the bottom of this blog post for those who would like to start this series. I hope you enjoy it! I will be doing another Rigby Recommendation soon, so stay tuned!

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Creepiest Songs from Video Games

   So as you're sitting in the dark, it's late, you're enjoying some gaming, then suddenly a very unsettling background music from your game starts to just suck the fun out of your late night gaming time. And now you're just sitting there, creeped out from this atmosphere.

    There are literally still some games with certain soundtracks that still make playing them really hard. Of course as music composers, their job is to set the mood for the gamer; giving the "scene" or location a certain vibe. And through playing many games, I have come across many many many super creepy levels or "locations" throughout games. I don't want to put them in any order of creepiness, cause I think overall, all of them are all uniquely creepy and different in their own way. So here are some creepy songs I've gathered from all sorts of games, just for you.

Animal Crossing : K.K. Dirge

Animal Crossing is one of those games you wouldn't expect much creepiness
to be lurking in. With it's cute characters, happy and colorful towns and just overall optimist vibe. But, as you attend the town's musician, K.K. Slider's concerts, you start to come across a bit of that unsettling feeling. One of the many songs K.K. plays for you is K.K. Dirge. A song which only can be described as dark, odd, out of place, and just overall really creepy. I'm not even sure why the song is among the many in this game, but one thing is for certain; I do not want it playing around me at night.
The Legends of Zelda Majora's Mask : Day Three
Now there are sooo many creepy Zelda songs throughout all the different Zelda
games, but as for overall creepy feelings, this one always gave me chills. In Majora's Mask, you are constantly on a timer (basically), and in the beginning of the game, your goal is to save a certain town. But, if you should fail within three days, the moon comes and kills you. The End. But within those three days, the town (Clocktown) has a little theme, which you can hear in this song, but as each day draws nearer, the creepier it becomes. And I think that's why it's so haunting to me because it meant time was running out, and it was overall pretty scary. (especially when you're ten).
Super Paper Mario : River Twygz Bed
Another one of those cute appearing games that suddenly shock you out of nowhere.
Now I'm sure we all understand the idea of most Mario games; play through many different areas, collect coins, sink into pipes, but never did I ever think of hearing something like this in any of the levels. River Twygz Bed is supposedly the underworld of the Mario game, and the fact that this is supposed to be the "Game Over" world, makes it all the more creepy.
Know any other creepy songs from the video game world? Comment some below!