Creepiest Songs from Video Games

   So as you're sitting in the dark, it's late, you're enjoying some gaming, then suddenly a very unsettling background music from your game starts to just suck the fun out of your late night gaming time. And now you're just sitting there, creeped out from this atmosphere.

    There are literally still some games with certain soundtracks that still make playing them really hard. Of course as music composers, their job is to set the mood for the gamer; giving the "scene" or location a certain vibe. And through playing many games, I have come across many many many super creepy levels or "locations" throughout games. I don't want to put them in any order of creepiness, cause I think overall, all of them are all uniquely creepy and different in their own way. So here are some creepy songs I've gathered from all sorts of games, just for you.

Animal Crossing : K.K. Dirge

Animal Crossing is one of those games you wouldn't expect much creepiness
to be lurking in. With it's cute characters, happy and colorful towns and just overall optimist vibe. But, as you attend the town's musician, K.K. Slider's concerts, you start to come across a bit of that unsettling feeling. One of the many songs K.K. plays for you is K.K. Dirge. A song which only can be described as dark, odd, out of place, and just overall really creepy. I'm not even sure why the song is among the many in this game, but one thing is for certain; I do not want it playing around me at night.
The Legends of Zelda Majora's Mask : Day Three
Now there are sooo many creepy Zelda songs throughout all the different Zelda
games, but as for overall creepy feelings, this one always gave me chills. In Majora's Mask, you are constantly on a timer (basically), and in the beginning of the game, your goal is to save a certain town. But, if you should fail within three days, the moon comes and kills you. The End. But within those three days, the town (Clocktown) has a little theme, which you can hear in this song, but as each day draws nearer, the creepier it becomes. And I think that's why it's so haunting to me because it meant time was running out, and it was overall pretty scary. (especially when you're ten).
Super Paper Mario : River Twygz Bed
Another one of those cute appearing games that suddenly shock you out of nowhere.
Now I'm sure we all understand the idea of most Mario games; play through many different areas, collect coins, sink into pipes, but never did I ever think of hearing something like this in any of the levels. River Twygz Bed is supposedly the underworld of the Mario game, and the fact that this is supposed to be the "Game Over" world, makes it all the more creepy.
Know any other creepy songs from the video game world? Comment some below!

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