The 13. The Hair. And the dumb eagles.

   I'm going to make some of you cry. Not because an amazing person died or any drastic thing like that. No. This is just one of those cries that a girlfriend has after she finds out that her boyfriend doesn't like Breakfast at Tiffany's.

             Here's the honest truth...
                                             up until November.... I had never ever..
                                 watched Lord of the Rings trilogy or The Hobbit trilogy.

    I'm sorry for how slow and behind I am, truly I am. It's not until November did I truly discover the years I'd missed not having these films in my life. My sister, a fairly big fan, was wanting me to watch these films in order, starting with The Hobbit trilogy, because she wanted me to see at least on of these films in theaters (being that the last Hobbit film just recently came out in December).

   So she had me watch the first two Hobbit films, leading up to our trip to the movies for the third. But let's not talk about the third one, we have to start with the first Hobbit film she showed me. Now I know this film is called "The Hobbit." and indeed, there is a hobbit/the hobbit. But as we watch these films, we are quickly introduced to a group of thirteen dwarves and quickly we fall in love with them.

    The deciding who my favorite dwarf at the end of these films was the hardest decision ever! It was just as hard as when I tried to pick a favorite character out of the Guardians of the Galaxy film. All the dwarves are different and all had awesome personalities. I could describe them all, but, I'll spare you the many pages of reading. + you can just google them.

    As far as the elves go.... I seriously want whatever hair product their using because they're hair is flawless. If L'Oreal ever wants a mascot for their hair products, use Legolas! Forget Thor! But I also loved their clean and high proper manor. They just are so perfect. And then their army is pretty affective as well as their weapons. One thing I do have to complain about the elves is their women. Elvish women must not like Elvish men at all. And they always fall for other types of guys, whether it be human, dwarf, goblin, seriously anything other than a male Elf is fine! (But stay away from Kili Tauriel...... he's mine.. he's my precious......)

 Now as I'm watching these films and watching the many battles these dwarves and hobbit go through, it's pretty easy to see how these little guys have some trouble here and there. I mean, sure they're pretty amazing despite their size, but honestly, when I saw the damage and power of these random eagles that Gandalf summoned I was in shock.
     These guys have been walking, and walking, and walking. Like half of the movie is them running through this wide open area; and Gandalf has had this ability the whole time?!
    And once these eagles do come and save the dwarves butts from possible horrible circumstances,
these eagles swoop down giving them all a lift and then instead of taking them to this mountain that's super far off, they drop them off on this tall boulder.  Sure it's got a great view of the mountain we need to get to.... but ..... I'm just curious to how they got down that.
Anyway, as of now, I have watched the Hobbit trilogy and have started the Lord of the Rings.
And as I've learned from just watching the first film of this trilogy, already I know this is going to take a bit longer than the Hobbits. The conversation my sister, brother-in-law, and I had the day watching it:
*Disc one of the LOTR: Fellowship ends*
Me: That was a great film! So was that it? Do we watch the next one?
My sister: No, that was just part one, now we watch part two.
B.I.L.: Yeah, this is the blueray edition, it's got extra footage.
Me:.......... But it's been like.. 2 hours!!
Yeah, just one of the films alone had to be split onto two discs. Discovering that after you've
just sat for two hours already and you've just finished part one...

And what happened here?? Two Goblin Kings, one from the 80's one from 2000's.

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  1. Ages behind on the awesomness of this one, but hooray has to be said for your completion of the films, elvish hair, the whole time gif, and ending on the best note possible...You remind me of the babe!