In which Lyndsey begs for forgiveness and obsesses over older men

With the assault of college on my dwindling pool of free time, I've really had no opportunity to dedicate myself to this blog. (WHICH IS SAD.) Of both my blogs, this one in particular feels like a place where I can really joke around and have fun without the pressure of others to keep me from writing. I love that!

After seeing Rigby's recent post, (we should name her queen and lay golden flowers in her wake), I've been inspired to write my own version of it as well. While my list is quite extensive I've chosen to just focus on just three in particular. (Those of which who come immediately to my mind.)

First we have, John Reese. While John is utterly gorgeous, (I cannot even express it enough), his acting is beyond amazing. He is smart, witty, DISBELIEVINGLY EPIC, and has this aura about him that just screams 'I'm a man, deal with it.'
   Needless to say, I was swept off my feet within the first few minutes of his acting. While not afraid to do what needs to be done, he expels both a gritty dark side, but also a merciful one as well. Tormented by his past mistakes, he saves lives in order to give his life meaning, capturing only a fraction of why he is truly an exemplary character.

From the T.V. show: Person of Interest
 Second is, Jace Wayland. (Or whatever they call him nowadays, I believe he has like three names currently.) While I enjoyed the first book of the City of Bones, my vigor thoroughly exploded over Jace as soon as I saw the city of bones. While he doesn't really fit the, 'older man' criteria I mentioned in the title of this post, Jace is enough to blow a hole through whatever wall stands in his way.
   While being a cocky dreamboy, he manages to have the most alluring appearance I've ever faced upon the earth. At the end of the City of Bones film, my sister and I turned to one another and just melted in jittering fangirl heaps. JACE IS GORGEOUS.
   After I saw Jace's character in film, I really had no other words of discontent to utter. I could sit on a couch and play re-runs of the movie all day just to creepily fangirl from a distance.

The Mortal instruments. Alright, no hating on me, but I would find the movie way more enjoyable if they had actually cast attractive people to play the characters. Like Alex Pettyfer as Jace. The girl from Hotel Dogs and Nancy Drew as Clary. There are so many people that would do better!
From the movie: City of Bones

Finally we have, John Thornton. (I must have a thing for Johns, it's getting repetitive). While I can't recall if this is true or not, Mr. Thornton's character is the first older man I remember having melted over as a younger individual. First a cold, close minded gentleman, John makes a sweeping change of heart towards the end of the film as he falls for Margaret. Very much akin to a Mr. Darcy situation, Thornton played every angel of his part excellently.
   Though his looks are magnificent, there is no denying that his character was what really won me over in the end.

Richard Armitage, Mr. John Thornton - North & South directed by Brian Percival (TV, Mini-Series, BBC, 2004) #elizabethgaskell #fanart
From the T.V. film: North and South

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  1. Personal opinion- I didn't really like Jace D: I read the book a long time ago so I can't remember why exactly I didn't like him but anyway, I just don't. After reading this post, I think I'll give the movie a shot to see how it goes. Maybe I just imagined a really annoying Jace >.>
    Nice to see you blogging, Lyndsey ^^