Those geeks.

     Okay ladies. This Christmas time is a time of giving, and so, I've collected some of the best geek guys for this blog, and I'll be labeling the reasons why we love them and why they have been such great gifts to us throughout the years. You're welcome!

          Now some of these may be animated, some may not be, but either way, they're all amazing.

                                                              Tom Hiddleston
                                                                              (Best known for Loki)

                     If there are some Loki fans out there, please give this blog some love because I promise you they'll be much more of this guy on here later on! Since seeing this amazing actor in Thor, the Avengers and Thor the Dark World, I became an instant fan. I've watched some of his other BBC films and shows and I don't understand why this man wasn't more popular sooner! Seriously, he's one of the coolest villains and actors out there. If you don't know him...... where've you been!?
Aidan Turner
(Best known for Kili)

                       One of my more newer favorite actors is Aidan. Of course, I'm lame and discovered him through The Hobbit trilogy like others did, but since my seeing him, I've ventured into more of his television shows and I've fallen more and more in love with this amazing guy. And although he's amazing, I can't help but be sad when I see him out of his Kili costume. But don't worry Aidan! You'll always be a dwarf to me! ...... always...

                                                                          (From the Legend of Zelda)
The first crush we had as a gamer. The hyrulian elf, Link, though silent throughout all
of the games, still shows his emotions well enough for all us fangirls to swoon. Yeah, he's still one of my all time favorites!
 Jim Parsons
(Best known as Sheldon Cooper)

                Yes, even Sheldon Cooper makes it onto the cute list. Although he is not as tough or manly as the other three, you can't help but love Jim and the work he's done on The Big Bang Theory. And even in real life, he's still just as amazing and geeky. Jim has created an adorableness about him that just keeps us on our toes as we watch more episodes, and who can forget the soft kitty song!?

                                                   Christian Bale and Howl
        (Christian is known best for his roles as Batman and his voice for Howl from "Howl's Moving Castle")

So I was going to do just Howl, but then I remembered that the amazing Christian Bale
voices for him, so this is a double win! Howl won us over with his slick charm and polite attire, but so did Christian Bale with his role as Batman and just by being himself. Both Howl and Bale are just two amazing characters, and both could not be left off the list.
That's it for now ladies, and trust me, this could have been much much longer! Anyway,
that's it for this write, and hopefully I have brought you the gift of amazing actors and characters.
Tis always a joy!

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