Tis the season to watch reruns, falalalalaa

        Yes! It is the beautiful Christmas season, where stores are crowded and yards are covered in inflatable fat men! Oh the magic!

    At my house, we've collected most of the Christmas specials and movies. Most are still in VCR tape form. (Yeah, those still exist!) And no matter how many times I've watched them, they still never get old. Though I love them all, they're are definite favorites to watch. And I've decided to share my top five with you! Maybe you've seen them, maybe you haven't. Whatever the case, here are some Christmas films and moments that you'll love to watch over and over again!

                         "It's Christmas Time Again Charlie Brown!"

       I can hear  the "good grief" already. Though this is not the original Charlie Brown Christmas with the sad little Christmas tree, this newer episode contains some great moments. With a kid named, "Harold Angel", a dumb Christmas wreath, an angel that says "HOCKEY STICK!", and an angered girl who plays a sheep, this episode was just a cute and funny memory of mine. I loved the characters, and Charlie Browns difficulty with dealing with so much Christmas cheer. A classic to have on the holidays.

          "How the Grinch Stole Christmas (with Jim Carrey)"

                 Now this may not be the original that everyone is used to, but this film from the 2000s was and is hilarious! I don't have cable so I'm not too sure if they play this one on T.V. anymore, but if they still do, I hope the rest of you get to watch it! Jim Carrey brings the Grinch to life, and makes Dr.Suess's book into a living comedy with still a good heartfelt ending.

          "The Big Bang Theory s.2 : The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis"
For those early watchers of The Big Bang Theory, you have to remember this episode! I won't
spoil anyone of what the episode was about, but I will spoil the ending for you... Sheldon hugs Penny for the first time! And it is the cutest most awkward hug ever. Seriously nailed it's spot on this list of Christmas favorites.
"The Year Without A Santa Claus"
A Christmas classic that I know should always be playing every year, this film
we watch every year still on the trusty VCR. I always loved these characters when I was little and I was all for team Heat Miser!
Now I'm not sure if this film "really" counts as a Christmas film, but it is still one of
my favorites. With it's cheesy 80's music and graphics, and those memorable little gremlin moments, this film I believe fits in with a geek's Christmas.
So those are my top five, maybe I left a few classics out, but honestly, they're all my favorite.
Through all the films and show specials, these just throw me into the Christmas spirit and all share a good Christmas moral of sharing, caring, and love. Okay, maybe that was alitttle too Mr.Roger's, but it's true!
Anyway, apologize for being so quiet for so long, things are starting to
slow down now, so I'll try my best to get a write in here and there!
 Till next write,

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