Who would win? (Pokemon)

      So throughout their early start in the 1990's, many young people tried to figure out this little war between these three pokemons. The three pokemon, all uniquely different and all containing a power far different from the others. But there came a point, a question, who would win in a pokemon battle?

       Our first pokemon is the mighty Charizard. Now many lean toward this pokemon for a number of reasons, his strenght, speed, power, and his friken amazing appearance. Being a dragon pokemon with a firery blaze portrading from his wide mouth sends his competetors to the ground. His ability of flight allows him to dodge an opponents hits and his speed allows for a difficult target. His small arms don't provide for such a powerful grip, but like the ancient T-Rex, Charizard doesn't rely on his arms, but rather his largh feet and wing power. Overall, Charizard is a powerfully threatening opponent.

        Next Pokemon on our list is a grass type pokemon. Venesaur,  giant in size and with his large flower structure pertruding from his back makes him look like a  tough threat. His loud growl sends as a warning toward his enemies as he lets out an attack of overgrow, damaging his competetor. Unlike Charizard, Venasaur has no flying abilities, nor much speed, but he makes up for those with his ability of strenght. His thick arms provide him with a tight grip and a powerful pressure to press against his opponent.  Like Charizard, Venasaur also has an amazing exterior, with his large mouth, his powerful body and his large plant utop his back.  He gives the chia pet a whole new meaning.


            Last on our list is a pokemon from the water type family. Blastoise. A powerful pokemon with cannon-like shoulders and a large hard shell covering his back. He is both effective in a water or land battle, giving him the strenght to overcome obsticles. With those cannon shoulders, he is able to send off a large blast of water pertruding out of his shoulder cannons, wiping out his competetor. Also like Venesaur, Blastoise lacks speed on his fat legs, but unlike Venesaur who is permenentally slow, Blastoise makes up for it in the water. He glides above the water's serface, quick to knocking out enemies. And unlike Charizard, Blastoise has both powerful legs and arms, allowing him to grip an enemy with ease. Blastoise is a true threat to anyone in the water!


Now it is time to annalyse the three very different competetors, testing each of their
skills. Now I can imagine Charizard skimming the skies, sending down blasts of fire ablaze the ground. Blastoise would easily send his flames out with a blast of water. Now Venesaur could send a shelter of grasses and shrubs around himself, creating a strong defense against Blastoise. But, Charizard could easily set Venasaur's shelter into flames, knocking Venesaur out of the battle. We'd now be down to Blastoise and Charizard. Charizard at this point would be down below, setting rings of fire around the two, caging them in. Blastoise could keep a grip on Charizard with his strong arms, keeping Charizard at his reach. As Charisard is sending out a blast of flames, Blastoise could sen in a powerful blast of water into the dragon's mouth, shutting down his inner flame and eventually knocking out his component, making Blastoise the winner.

Do you agree? Just remember this is just my opinion and is not the words of a proffecional
Pokemon expert. And no matter what the outcome, we should remember that these three Pokemon are all the most memorable and original of all the Pokemons. They created one of the hardest desicions of our childhood (if any of ou remember Pokemon Red and Blue). And overall, these three are just an a mazing piece of the Pokemon legacy.

Till next write!

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