Trick or Treating...

        So... the question always comes to me around this month. Whether or not I should walk around door to door and ask for candy. And after you hit about 12, you begin to feel alittle odd about doing Trick or Treating. You're lot older now, and you're about to be the same height as most of the adults answering the door. It begins to feel really awkward. Which this made me mad. Because as a kid, this was the most best holiday ever. You dress up, you stay out late, you get candy, and everything is amazing.

       So for today's blog, I decided to cover some little things in the catagorie of Halloween.

For the first question, I actually looked up some opinions for the answer. This answer
didn't shock me, and if anything, it just dissapointed me. It said that the age limit for girl trick or treaters is 14, boys is 12. Reasoning, I don't know. But that's what they say i guess, and I've broken this rule many times. But from my last trip from last year, I finally am giving up trick or treating, for it was really odd bumping into parents who glared at me and my friend throughout the neighborhood.
My last statement could enter for the second topic, When Trick or Treating gets weird. Now
I never really felt weird about going out and having a good time. But that was back when i was like 14, and my little sisters provided an age shield for me, making me seem younger. But last year was different. I went out with a friend of mine, and we are both far from the 14 age braccet now, and throughout the night, we got asked, 'why we were doing this,' or ,'how old we were.' I felt rude and silly, and just awkward.
And I guess that's it for me. No more of the door to door candy collecting for me. And on to a different type of awkward for me... Halloween parties. Now, sometimes these are amazing and can be really fun, or really stupid ans shameful. And by shameful I mean, horrible short costumes, horrible music, dumb people who don't know your costume and overal bordom.
I'm proud to say I've never attended such a thing. But then again, I think this is basically
the only thing to do on Halloween for an elder person such as I, either party or candy passer-outer. Which both make me snore. I've never been a huge party fan, but I think a party of friends in costumes having candy and watching horrifying movies could be a great way to spend such a cool holiday. But, until that happens, I'm stuck at my door passing candy.
Till next write,

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  1. wow, that's pretty straight up and forward of random people to say that to you guys! That would certainly put me off trick-or-treating pretty fast. My dad made us stop at twelve, and I think it's partially due to that reason I never really was a huge fan of Halloween. (Besides the fact both my parents thought it was silly to begin with.) You really start getting into dress-up when your in your 16-18 bracket, funny enough. And that's the time when it's long closed to the growing appreciation for it.
    Anyways, great post! Read this in between a horrid chapter on bio. That lightened things up!