Am I mainstream?

     So I've been noticing the things amongst my room. I have Disney figures, Pokémon cards from the 90's, movies from mostly the 50's through 80's..... and according to my study of Tumblr photos, all of these qualities would some how push me toward being, "Main stream," or as the Tumblr people call it, "Hipster."

     And I've never fully had this word, "Hipster," explained to me, so my idea of what a hipster is, may be a little judgmental or rattled a bit. So from what I've captured through the all so judgmental Google images, is that a Hipster is a.....

  • cussing
  • floral print loving
  • bohemian
  • vinyl loving
  • geek copying
  • greasy
  • non showered
  • hippie
  • gangster
        Sorry for my harshness. But that's what I'm noticing. So I still wanted to know more, since I was being labeled as one, I wanted to make sure I was being labeled as something other than a greasy gangster. And I cam to find that a Hipster is nothing more than a mixed up copycat. They enjoy soaking up a bit of everything. It's as if they're unsure of what they want to be, so they just kind of shop at a thrift store, throw it all together and then claim that their style is better than mine. Even though I too shop at thrift stores from time to time.....

      Because I still wasn't happy with my own judgment, I decided to take this to the big guy.  And here's what I got:


noun, Slang.
a person who is hip.
a person, especially during the 1950s, characterized by a particularly strong sense of alienation from most established social activities and relationships.
My favorite definition:
4.Often, hipsters. hiphugger underpants for women and girls.
        So either I may be a person who is hip, a hepcat which is a person who is a performer or is fond of jazz, an alienated person, or woman's panties. ............. 
     So me personally, I think I could qualify. Though I will forever be a geek, I'm pretty sure I'm hip. hahaha *lies* But I do find myself nitpicking like many hipsters do. Example being, I only like the first generation of Pokémon and refuse to play or watch any new games or shows. Example 2, I too tend to appreciate the older styled music, meaning 1920's through the 1990's. 
Am I Alice in Wonderland? Falling into the whole of our modern society? Does wearing Obi Wan Kenobi on a T-shirt make me hip? Because I was doing this waay before... Oh my goodness now I'm talking like them!
Please send for help.


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