Zombies VS Unicorns!! (BEGIN!)

       So many months ago I had come across a colorful and interesting looking book at the library. The cover was off of it and there was no name or author written on the book. Instead the book was covered in a ferocious battle between, you guessed it, zombies and unicorns. I had to check it out, seeing the cover, I knew something good must be inside. (Totally following the rules of, don't judge a book by it's cover... sarcasm) When I got home, I began to read through the pages, finding out that the two talented authors, Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier were in charge of this debate. The two authors had formed two alliances, one of zombies and one of unicorns. Both had created a team of more authors, giving little stories of romance, adventure, and just pure humor for their defending side.

                     Your job was to then vote after you read the book, who was more amazing?
                                                                    Team Zombie?
Team Unicorn?

Today, I will defend each team and
create my own little debate on which team, Zombie or Unicorn, is better!
Question One: If you're friend was in need of help against a killer, what would be your attack?
Team Unicorn: Well I have many of them. With my hooved feet, muscular body, my speed and lastly my horn. This killer is going down!
Team Zombie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So you've got a horn! We zombies have many factors that a unicorn could never pull off! Such as fear. We zombies don't only have our violent factors, but also our gift of bringing fear to the living. That killer would be terrified and leave quickly, and if he refused and tried to kill me.. guess what? I'd come back to life!

Question Two: Why do you think people love your creature so much?
Well unlike the zombie, unicorns are very friendly and approachable creatures. Plus, who wouldn't want a unicorn as a friend? Because of our very close resemblance to a horse, that also keeps us from looking out of the ordinary.  Unlike a zombie, we definitely will not try to eat your brain while you play with us. And lastly, our poop apparently is pretty delicious, cause you humans keep making cookies out of it!
Well unlike the unicorn, we have a much larger fan base. Plus, you'll be able to find way more zombie films than unicorn films. And let's face it, who could resist this face?

Question Three: What  features of your creature make it a harder opponent?
Since we unicorns are in the family of mythical creatures, we do hold a piece of that magical feature. Many of us unicorns hold magical powers within our horns, and enabling it's power looks so much cooler than a zombie eating your flesh. I mean, come on. Who want's a friend like that!?
Well Unicorns, sounds like you've never watched Shawn of the Dead, because that whole movie was about friendship! But, you do have a point. Most of us Zombies are killers, but who wouldn't want an immortal being on their team? One shot to a unicorn and it's dead! Five shots to us and we're still going!
Question Four:  How is your creature better, and how could it defeat it's opponent?
We're Magical, we're lovable, we're maintainable, we're more powerful! We're way faster than a zombie, we won't kill you (unless you're a jerk), if you ride us then you'll look like a champion! Overall, a Unicorn is the way to go!
We're violent, we're fierce, we're on your t.v. , your video games, and we're on most of the merchandise at Hot Topic! We're much more popular than Unicorns are, and we bring you a lot more action! And if you befriend us, we can play video games in your shed out back! We promise not to bite!
So who's team are you on?
Till next time,

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