The girls of Legend of Zelda : Who was the best?

   We will be discussing The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, if you are unfamiliar with the game or have not beaten the game, I warn you now. This blog write is full of spoilers and character info that you may not understand or need to know yet, I'm warning you now.

 In the game Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time,  we meet our hero Link. A young villager of the Kokiri Forest, he has been chosen to be the hero of time and save the Princess Zelda from the evil clutches of Ganandorf. As Link goes through many obstacles, he comes upon many different characters. And what caught me the other day is how many different relationships he forms. In most love novels there's usually a maximum of three people, the boy meets two girls and can't decide, you get the idea. But in the Ocarina of Time, Link comes across four girls (sorry if I left any out). And each one seems to care about Link equally, so the question is, who's the best for our hero of time?

    Let's start off with Saria. Also one of the children of Kokiri Forest, she is Links oldest friend. Though she mocks him here and again, she shows her true feelings throughout the game by doing kind gestures for Link. Starting with her gift of an Ocarina, the most important tool in the Ocarina of Time (duh, it's in the title of the game!) She then teaches him her song, so if he should ever need her help, she will send her help to him. Beside her being a true friend, she is also very protective of the other children of Kokiri. We also find out at the end of the game (spoiler) that she is part of the seven sages, she being the sage of the forest. The one problem that corrupts their possible relationship is the fact that you fins out Link is a Hyrulian, meaning he will age unlike Saria, who will stay young.

    As Link leaves Kokiri Forest, he goes off to find the young Princess in Hyrule. Princess Zelda is quiet young when Link first meets her, though we do (spoiler) meet her again in the end of the game. Though our encounter is short, you know Zelda has to be pretty awesome. Though she is quiet girly, she can hold up quiet a fight. When we meet her again at the end of the game at our final battle against Ganandorf, she shows off her true power of her piece of the Tri Force, tossing a huge blast at Ganandorf, holding him down. She also seems totally chill while the castle begins to fall apart.One thing I think we can all agree on is how disappointing the end of Ocarina of time was, Zelda definitely could've done a better job of thanking Link, but Link does end up meeting up with her again when he travels back in time to present time. But overall, we all know some deep respect was in there somewhere.

Princess Zelda

  When Link leaves Zelda's castle after their fist encounter, we all usually head to a nearby ranch outside Hyrule. Lon Lon Ranch is where we meet many farmers and adorably fat cows! As Link searched around the village he comes across a horse ranch, there, a young girl stands watching the horses. Malon is her name, and she is very pleased to meet a young boy with a fairy. As you visit the ranch occasionally, we always come to find Malon, still happy that you've come again to see her. Link jumps through time, becoming a young man now, and as he returns to the ranch to claim one of the horses, Malon has also grown up. She is pleased that you've rescued the horse from the ranch, as her uncle has ruined the ranches morals and has corrupted it's once peaceful state. Eventually the ranch, along with the rest of the kingdom is saved as Link kills off Ganandorf. Unlike the other girls in the game, Malon is the most like Link, and she is not royal nor is she a sage.

   Last is another Princess. We meet Princess Ruto in the Water Temple and unlike the other girls, she is very clear on her emotions toward Link. She, along with the other living in the water temple are not human or elf, but zoras, a aquatic looking creature with human like features. The two met as young children, and after one of the many quests you make in the water temple, you eventually bump back into Princess Ruto who makes you say many vows with her. Later on you find out that those vows were marriage vows, and you find this out from Princess Ruto who has aged since then. But like Saria, she is forced to push off their relationship because she too (spoiler) is one of the sages as well, sage of water.
Princess Zuto


   So there are the four main girls we meet throughout Ocarina of Time. Though most vote for team Link and Zelda, I personally feel like Saria was the winner of Link. But after looking at the four girls, I came to realize that Malon would be the best for Link. Reason why? Unlike the other girls, she would be able to hold a lasting relationship, she's not royal or a sage, so she's not tied down toward anything. Also, she will age naturally like Link would in their future years together. Though Zelda is also a Hyrulian like Link, she wasn't as clear with her emotions as the other three had been. And as you play the game, you hear many rumors throughout Hyrule or Maron having dreams of being rescued by a knight in shinning armor. But these are only little fan facts, your opinion is most important. So who do you think was the best choice for Link? Leave a comment below! That's all for today!                                                       
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  1. Oh, so cute! I have to say I love Zelda and Link as a couple, though Sariah was another one I hoped to see work out. GAH, I never really thought about Malon or Rutu though. You're thoughts really opened my eyes on Malon's part, out of all the female characters we meet thoughout the game she was probably the best suited to him. Being both common, and dealing with the corruption going on around her in her own home, she was probably the best suited for Link.
    Anyways, I have a lot to ponder upon now! AWESOME post!