Reading Challenge!

  As most do, the time of new years is a time where you create a new year's resolution, something you want to try to attempt and conquer through this year. As I saw this one line while looking through google, I instantly thought of myself.

"Can create a million plans, but can only conquer two."
Now as depressing as that sounds and as low as that makes me sound, I just want to assure
you that I am not a lowlife. (Though we all have lived those sweatpants, movie marathon lives once or twice.) I would call myself a bit lazy, but more so a girl with far too much on her mind. I overfill my "schedule" and once I have an open spot, I jump over to the computer or I go relax. And I never get any true work done during my free time.
If you knew me super well, you'd know that one of my biggest and hardest challenges in life
is reading a book independently. Notice, I put independently. In school I read several books and I loved being able to open up a new one and read throughout several genres of stories. I wondered why it was that I loved to read then, and not now, why did I loose my urge? My conclusion came to these three answers.
  1. I like to be read to.) Call me childish, but I love those audio books and being able to follow along in my own book. And as a young student, that's how our teacher would read to us. She'd read and we'd follow along. So reading on my own makes it boring and I have to much on my mind to focus.
  2. I grow bored.) So, not to be hateful towards the books of right now, but unless you're interested in vampires, romances, weird end of the world styled stories, there are no books for you. And sadly, that's where I fall. And because of my lack of interest in all these popular books out, I grow tired of searching for a good read. I also get bored quickly when reading new books, I never get addicted to the plot lines anymore.
  3. Last, I have no deadlines.) Unlike in school, where you had a sort of timeline or due date to finish the book; I have nothing or no one to encourage me to continue reading. So without a partner or goal, I end up taking six months to read a forty page book.
And so here's what I've come up with; I would like to get back into reading again, BUT,
I would like the assistance from you guys. For those of you interested, I have gathered a few of these pretty good sounding books, and I've also collected a few audio books through Youtube.
Now if you are interested, please do comment the book you'd like to read along with me, and maybe we can start a sort of timer for one another.
So here are the books :
The Red Necklace

So I found this book through Goodreads, and I was quite intrigued by it's storyline.
But more importantly, I came to find that it was in audiobook form and was narrated by none other than Tom Hiddleston or Loki as most of you should know him as.
It has been very addicting so far, and is read very well, but, I have ran low on time, so of course, this one got put down for a long while. So if any of you want to audiobook along with me, please comment below!
Here's the link to the audiobook:
The Hobbit
After watching this great trilogy, I had to start reading this amazing book. But, like I've
stated, I run so low on time, and I get so distracted in other works I have to get done. I believe if I had a partner, I could finish it quicker. And, like the last book, I found this one in audiobook form as well.
The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman
I've heard many good things about this book. And the fact that it's a short read
compared to the others makes it all the better! Though when I tried to find this book at Barnes and Nobles, they hadn't gotten any yet. *Sigh* But, none the less, I shall soon get a copy soon and when I do, I'll need someone to read along with!
So if anyone would want to read any of these books along with me, please comment below. Or, if you have any other short reads or comments of the books above, please share it with me!

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