Do outfits make a person?

   At some comic conventions, anime conventions. or any kind of geeky assorted convention, I guarantee that you will find people dressed up. I've seen a whole t.v. show about all the cosplayers and all the work these people do just to appear as closely to the character they're portraying. Some are just absolutely stunning. But what grabs me is how much people enjoy dressing up as all these various characters. Reasoning why, 1.) It's like dressing up as your hero, someone you've admired since childhood. 2.) It's super fun to show off your amazing cosplay. 3.) Wearing something that your favorite character wears.

   Characters from all various corners of the geek universe are special for many reasons, most being because of their personality, weaponry, story, or franchise. But, a costume makes a huge impact upon the character. I mean, imagine if Iron Man without his suit.... okay nevermind. Robert Downy Jr. still would be just as amazing.  But, a costume really shows a lot about a character and makes the world of cosplaying fun. So for this blog write, I decided to pick a few costumes that are both iconic or boldly inspirational towards cosplayers.

  1. Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
    Iconic blue dress + white apron + blonde hair = Alice
  2.  Dr.Who
    Since there are so many different Doctors, you could easily make an endless amount of costumes from them. And, each holds their own uniqueness.
  3. Darth Vader
    If we're rating these outfits on overall detail, I'm pretty sure Darth Vader would be at the high ranking. His mask, cap, robotic chest just gives the essence of the Dark Side.
  4. The Four Houses (Harry Potter)
    Whatever house you pick, your cosplay will be so recognizable as you walk around in your house's colors. Also, the wand would be a nice touch.
  5. Mario
    Okay, this one is probably my least favorite cosplay I've seen on people. But, it's iconic nonetheless. The red hat and shirt, the overalls and you're Mario.
  6. Sailor Moon
    I've seen this group of girls at basically every convention there is. But if you have a bunch of friends and you're all looking for a group cosplay, this one seems to be the most popular. This or Disney princesses.
  7. Attack on Titans
    If you're not into the bright and peppy of Sailor Moon, then Attack on Titans would be a perfect alternative. Being fairly newer than the rest of these examples, these cosplays also hold their iconic look. The jacket, the pants, and the amazing weaponry. It may take a bit more work, but it turns out brilliantly.
   Now here's the cool part about cosplayers and the world of creating such an iconic look for characters. All these diverse and mismatch characters all meet up at conventions, so the room is just filled with people who are passionate about all sorts of different things. You connect with others and it really shows your dedication and admiration toward that particular show, game, book, ect.

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