What Doctor Who is really about...

  I saw this quote a while ago and couldn't help but fall in love with it. In relationship to the movies, books, games, music, and TV shows we come to treasure, this concept wraps up beautifully the image that what we love, is but a small fraction of ourselves as a whole. Often times, we mold ourselves around the ideas within the creativity and imagination of media, building our personalities and interests upon the things we adore. In essence, we can see that the things we love not only tell us who we are, but also become who we are.

   To focus on one show in particular that has become a huge part of my life, I want to talk a little bit about Doctor Who. Or perhaps show you.

   Doctor Who is so much more than just a TV show. It connects to people in a way that only deep empathy and understanding can achieve. It cuts open the raw emotion of what it means to be human, and portrays it all in its heartbreaking beauty. It reaches out to so many people, because it's not just about a plot line or characters, it's about pure feeling. It's about overcoming pain, and loss, and heartbreak. It's about smiling, even though you can't stop the tears from falling. It's about teaching us that no matter who you are or what you look like, you are worth something.

    If you aren't sold on that, then let me get into what sets Doctor Who apart from other shows. Firstly, it's one of the most unique productions I've ever seen. (Which is really saying something, because I've seen quite a bit of movies and shows.) It's energetic, intelligent, and well thought out. It doesn't wait for you to get comfortable, you have to keep up with it. Aside from the physical aesthetics of Doctor Who, it delves deeply into the real meaning of love and what it means to feel that way for someone. Apart from being brilliant, it's also heartbreaking. For those that read my blog, or know me personally, most of my favorites (for whatever reason) always end with earth shatteringly tragic endings. (Something's definitely wrong with me...) so, contrary to the popular dislike of unhappy endings, this only furthers my rather animated support for Doctor Who- because it's real! It's not just a fairytale with a bad guy and a good guy. It's about choices and consequences. Love and wisdom. Anger and forgiveness.
   Sometimes you get left behind. Sometimes they break your heart. Sometimes you feel like giving up. Yet, we keep going because we are alive. We wake up and we have to keep trying. Because really, sometimes it's worth getting your heart broken.

   Maybe after all this, you still don't think it's really all that. My best advice for you is to sit down and get through about three episodes of the first season. If you're not hooked then, there's probably something wrong with you too! 

   In conclusion, I just want to point out that that boy's teeth are where his forehead should be. Food for thought!

Until next time!  


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  1. Omg LOVE everything you write! It's hard to come across many 17 year old deep thinkers these days, sometimes it just feels like I'm the only one. Then I subsequently think maybe I think too much about everything and maybe I should just be like all the other 17 year olds. But really, I'm more amazing this way and it is way easier to be able to embrace this part of me and try to learn to control it. Anyway, keep blogging and I'll keep reading :) xx