For the love of Howl! (character review)

               (Normally, Pixie would be here this Tuesday, but because of little mix-ups, I'll be taking over today)

       Howl's Moving Castle. .... one more time. Howl's Moving Castle. Ahh I just love this movie!! Not only did this movie make me go fan girl crazy over an anime character, but it also encouraged me to continue watching several other films by the brilliant Hayao Miyazaki. This film was definitely a big stretch from my typical movie interests, but I'm so glad I was able to see it. I think the thing that pulls most people toward Miyazaki's work is his characters! And in this film, they're are a huge number of important and wonderful characters.

              The first character we meet is the shy and quirky Sophie. A hatter in her father's shop, she insists to keep up her father's business since his death though her sister insists she go and live her life. Little does Sophie know that her life will change as the Witch of the Wastes visits her one night. As the witch gets angered by Sophie's attitude, she curses her to be an old woman. Sophie must get help from another wizard or witch. And his name is Howl.
                Now I'll try not to over-write on this character, but for those fan-girls out there, you probably understand why this is so hard to shorten. The great wizard Howl. The handsome quiet wizard who roams around his moving castle, providing his powers for the common man. And when he's not helping in his shop, he's above the skies, defending in the great war. Though this war is crucial, Howl's powers are even more crucial. As he transforms into a strange bird~beast, this transformation is slowly turning permanent. And that's not his only problem, his hair color is a pretty big deal too as Sophie messes up his shampoos with his hair dyes.
               Next on our list is Howl's sidekicks Calcifer and Markl. Both are equally important to the story and are two super adorable characters. Calcifer, a cursed fire demon is just a little flame burning within the fire pit of Howl's castle. Calcifer provides heated water, heat and a sometimes cooperative stove. He and Howl both share a lot of trust with one another, and you could say that the two are very close. Markl, a young apprentice to Howl, takes care of the shop as his master is out. In the shop he practices his disguise tricks and takes care of magic orders. Both Calcifer and Markl meet Sophie first before Howl's return to the shop, and both are a bit stubborn to her orders. But in the end, they all become very close.
                   Within the film, we meet many other characters such as the Witch of the Wastes, The Queen~ Who's name I can't remember.... (shows how much I cared about her), Heen the dog, and most importantly,..... Turnip Head!
Sophie's first friend as she faces her aged curse, this odd scarecrow is rescued
by Sophie as she helps pull him from a bush. She names the scarecrow TurnipHead because his head..yeah.. it's a turnip. As she searches for Howl for help, TurnipHead escorts her in her frail state and pops up throughout the film during Sophie's time of need.
Ultimately, this film was a true masterpiece. However, I do recommend to
the first timers, that you watch it twice since this movie is full of a lot of info. And if you have a slow brain like I do, it takes a second time to understand the story fully. And if you have a Miyazaki master of a friend named Lyndsey, then you're all set! If I were to recommend you more movies from Miyazaki, I would recommend you my favorites: Howl's Moving Castle, Kiki's Delivery Service, and My Neighbor Totoro.
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  1. The Queen's name is Solomon, BTW.
    This is my favorite movie. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh thank you for giving me her name! I could not for the life of me remember her name. It is definitely one of my favorites as well and thank you for reading! (:

  3. I'm thinking of doing a post on how obsessed I am with Howl! xD What do you think?

    1. I could add to that post as well! haha