Relationships In The Fandom World (Part 1)

 Oh, thank you, Fandom. I do enjoy my blanket.

So, I was chilling out on my computer this morning when the sudden realization hit me that today is my day to post! (Surprise!) Recently, I've been mulling over a few of the concepts within some of my favorite fandoms. Taking the inititive to search pintrest over the last week to read up on these idea, I have to say, the things I found were pretty jaw dropping. They had a lot of insight and wisdom in regards with love; courage; and loyalty, (all things which are very important to me).
  However, in particular I'd like to focus on love today. One of the things I was prompted to do from a brilliant writing blog, Go Teen Writers, was to make a list of all the character relationships -be it T.V. or book- that I simply adore. This exercise is a way to build a firm idea of how to structure the romance within your novel. So I thought, what better way to do that, than to compose a fandom post about it too?
   ✥ Side note, in case your curious as to why I'm making such an effort to solidify the romance strategies in my own writing, I'll take this moment to confess that while I consider myself a romantic, I'm by far the most awkward relationship builder ever. While I can easily create building tension between the intended individuals once we've hit, lets officially get together now, I am utterly clueless about how to proceed.

   One of the things I realized about myself, is that I really love couples who are individual yet united. When personalities mesh, and things start getting overly mushy, I lose focus and attentiveness. Just because your in a relationship, or love someone, doesn't mean you suddenly become them! Take's one of my favorite couples, Rose and the Doctor, from Doctor Who. Though the two were very much involved -if not officially than obviously- they were still very true to who they were individually. Rose had her quirks, the Doctor his. I love this pair, because who they were when they were around each other didn't dissapear, it was strengthened. They built each other up; made things passionate without kissing all the time; and most of all, were strong and adventurous as a pair.

Doctor who rose and ten

   Let's take a look at the T.V. show the Avatar Last Airbender for example. I for one, am an absolute fan of whoever came up with the plot/characters/dialogue/and relationships for this film, because to put it simply, they did a BRILLIANT job. Everything here was just perfection, the details; plots; themes; and magic of the show. This swept me off my feet when I was younger, and still does the same when watching it now.
   There are so many good examples of great relationships within the avatar,  Zuko and May; Katara and Aang; Sokka and Suki. Why did I like these characters so much?
   Honestly, it's because they were so real. They had their own problems, and at moments their relationships didn't see like they were going to work because of that. They were each unique in their own ways, and being together didn't mute that. However, seeing them all together made you realize that even though they were each so different, their personalities meshed in a way that just felt right. I loved how especially in Zuko's case, not only did he built his relationship with Mai, but he also experienced life with other people as well before getting to her. Knowing that he'd experienced the feeling of liking someone else, made him choosing Mai so much more precious to me. Because, he CHOSE her, and wasn't pre-destined to be with her from the very beginning.
  (The following pictures are credited to the SUPER talented Viria )

Zuko and Mai! :D
My art Aang Sokka Avatar katara zuko toph mai the last airbender gaang modern gaang
      Finally we have Rasia and Han Alister from the Seven Realms. Firstly, if you haven't read this series then GO READ IT. Not only is it one of my top favorites, but It's the best romance I have ever read. Here it was clear that what was most important to build first between the two, was friendship. After that, a relationship just felt natural. There was no large leap from 'acquaintance' to 'lovers', it was subtle and perfect.

 (End of part one)

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  1. I think this is a great idea! Personally I loved the Tenth Doctor, but my fave companions with him were Martha and secondly Donna, although I did like Rose. I liked her even more with the 9th doctor though :D It's always good to meet a fellow Whovian ^.^ I think I want to do a list of my fave fandom couples too now!

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  2. That was a great review Olivia! :D Thanks for linking it! -Rigby