Straightly Gifs

When in the need for a good laugh, I turn to gifs. Here are some I collected just for you!

Who knew eyebrows contained so much importance, especially yours Lee Pace.

Avengers assem~b~le!! Nailed it!

I cannot fully describe to you how much I laughed at this.

I think this gif perfectly proves that if you want to be fantastic, you need a cat.

Sometimes in life, there just really is no answers.

This. This just sums up so much of my Zelda experiences..

Plot Twist for the next Star Wars film. (It'd make sense since Disney owns both companies now)

David Tennant, why are you so amazing?

You know you've done wrong when Snape throws you this face.

"I'm always angry."

And lastly,  we've all been here before, (probably not as dramatic as a bird in the face) but we have
all dealt with 'life'. And this Avatar gif sums it up perfectly.



  1. This was a great set of GIFs! Definitely made me smile :D

  2. Glad you enjoyed them! ^-^