REVIEW: The Hobbit

The Hobbit:

Desolation of Smaug:

   To start off with, I am a HUGE PSYCHOTIC Lord of the Rings fan. Like, HUGE. To skip the whole background story and leave you with the essentials, my entire family basically knew me growing up as the girl who really loved LOTR with unnatural fangirling. It was my first obsession, the first form of art to really inspire me! It was beautiful, heart wrenching, and captivated my soul without remorse.

   Then we have the hobbit.

   Tolkien is rolling in his grave, I'm sure of it. While the film series started out fairly well, it progressively got more and more cheesy. Eventually it got to the point where I hated everyone, and the cheese factor was so high I was crying from laughter at certain points during this last movie.

    Let me just say it outright. The desolation of smaug was TERRIBLE. Absolutely terrible. I hated it so much. And I'm ashamed it's now going to be slandered all across the beauty of the Lord of the Rings. They took such a fantastic story, and made it into a COMPLETE JOKE. Tauriel falling in love with Kili went against everything elves as a race stood for. Legolas's infatuation with her was stupid, and the lines... OH MY GOSH THE VERY LINES OF THIS MOVIE WERE RIDICULOUS.

   I would go into a complete scene by scene breakdown of why this movie was so messed up, but I'll be honest here... this whole thing has made me super depressed. I don't even want to think about this movie more than I have to, and just writing this review of complete outrage is difficult. 

   If you enjoyed this movie....

   We can't be friends.

   If you hated this movie, we are going to get on splendidly.

    To Peter Jackson: 

    I watch the Lord of the Rings, and I see a film series in which the director and everyone involved really cares about what they are creating. I watch the Hobbit, and all I see is no one really caring what the heck they're doing.
   You didn't give this half the loving attention you gave LOTR. Not 2%. So maybe instead of ruining peoples opinions of the Hobbit, you could have just asked for money instead of wasting your time filming this atrocity.

a ticked off fan


  1. As a newbie of the J.R. R. Tolkien, I must say that I was very addicted to the Hobbit films. I lack ALOT of knowledge when it comes to the books, making the big details in the films hard to pick out, BUT, I must say, as it's own film, I really enjoyed the Desolation of Smaug. I can see how the film fell super far from the rest of the Lord of the rings series, but on it's own, I really did feel it was good. I liked the love story, (though yes, I did see the major cheesiness of it at times), and I really think the overall battle was slow and a bit disappointing. BUT, I did find Peter Jackson's take of it really good. It's as if I was watching a Lord of the Rings wannabe film, close to the original, but nowhere near the actual series.

    Hopefully we are still friends! :O


  2. Lord of the rings wannabe is definitely what it felt like! And I suppose you will be the exception to my statment. ;D