Ultimate Fighting Team (collab)

       Rigby64: Blue
       Lyndsey: Green

                      Today, Lyndsey and I will be answering the ultimate question. A questions that every person has asked themselves, (or will ask after reading this blog post). Lyndsey and I will be answering:
"If you could have an ultimate fighting team conducted of two fictional characters (and yourself) who would be your team mates? And why."
These teams are created by each of us, conducting only ourselves, and two fictional characters from any film/ book/ or any other geek source. I will start off, and then we shall switch off, reviewing one character from our team at a time.

My mind could easily blow up if I over think this too much. Having an ultimate fighting team made up of literally any two characters (and yourself) is a huge and difficult decision. Through much deliberation, I have come to the conclusion of these two characters. First, is Legolas from the Lord of The Rings trilogy and Hobbit films.

With his accuracy in archery and his quick wit with defense, he would make an awesome team mate in combat. As an elf, his height would be handy for reaching things (cause I am short), and, his patience with others would be beneficial because with me, he'll need patience. His diverse language would be awesome to learn, and I think Legolas could play as a sort of leader to me; teaching me the Elvish language, archery, and basically all the necessities of being an elf. (And bonus points, he's beautiful). So overall, I think Legolas would definitely be my right hand man during combat, making him my first of two fictional characters for my ultimate fighting team.


Though I do adore Legolas, without doubt my first choice would be Vin. As the main protagonist in the epic Trilogy, Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson, Vin is a force to be reckoned with. I think it's safe to say that with her at my side, the world would collapse before us. Aside from her capabilities as a Mistborn, Vin possesses a steely strength that is essential in any fight. She is human; yet with the abilities one might attach to a god. Vin is both vulnerable, and yet without weakness. Her only real foe is herself. 
Though I'm due for another re-read of Misborn, the most important thing from my recollection of Vin, is that she is powerful not just in body, but in heart. Her passion, wit, intellect, and consuming desire to protect those she cares for, pretty much make her the most epic heroine ever. I can't emphasize her positive attributes enough!

 Now I knew for this final choice, my last member of my team had to be smart.
With Legolas having the skills as a true archer and a big piece of the fighting part of my team, I had to pick someone who was either rich, smart, or quick witted. This was difficult and I leaned toward many heroes such as, Batman, Severus Snape, and Indiana Jones. But, I came to the conclusion of the mastermind himself, Loki Laufeyson.

I felt sort of bad picking him since he's one of my constant go-to characters, but the more I thought about him and all his positive factors he contains, the more I wanted him for my team. Looking back at his previous Avenger encounters, he was able to manipulate and trick all of them. Not only that, but he was able to live through Captain America's shield blast, Iron Man's shots, Hulk's beating, and literally every fall and explosion. He also is a master of illusions, he's the son of a frost giant, raised by Asguardians, and he's the god of mischief. Though his fighting skills are not as quick and as powerful as Legolas's, I knew Loki could uphold the brains of my team.

For my final choice, I've decided upon Vlad, from Dracula untold. Not only is he drop dead beautiful, but he doesn't score too bad in the 'I can crush whole villages in my sleep' area either. From the moment I saw the movie I knew Vlad would go down in my mental book as one of my favorite characters. It's for this reason, as well as many others, that he is my immediate go to for this challenge. Being a vampire, he is on a level akin to Vin. He is one of the few people I feel would actually compliment her skills, rather than be intimidated by them.  Also, his desire to do what is right so great that he is willing to compromise his own comforts in order to fulfill it.

We hope you have enjoyed this collaboration, and look forward to seeing you in our next post!


  1. I'd pick Korra for the brawn and Itachi for the brains and I could be in the background, making cool music :)

  2. LOL. Yeah, pretty much what I'd be doing in all honesty. xD