A Rigby Recommendation : Sword Art Online

Imagine you're in your room; and by simply plugging in a helmet and placing it on your head could take you instantly into a realistic computerized world. Where multiplier was more than just another person in a screen; they were really there. And imagine if you and everyone else in this multiplayer world were suddenly trapped; and unable to get back to reality. And if anyone took your helmet off in the real world you would die; and if you died in the game, you died in real life.
Sound interesting? Then keep reading!

         So I am terribly behind on posting this recommendation, but I'm late on finding this amazing show anyway! Sword Art Online, a show that came out in 2009, is as I said earlier, a show based on a group of various people getting trapped in a mental gaming experience. And the only way to freedom is to beat the game.

          Now this may sound pretty easy, but when the game is based on your own physical abilities and you're tested on you're own personal capabilities, it becomes a bit more tedious. In this show we meet Kirito; a teenage boy who was one of the few to play Sword Art Online before its public release. Months have gone by and the game is now presented to the public and Kirito plugs in to join. Everything and everyone seem normal until a powerful being shadows over all the gamers below. He explains to them that he is the games creator and engineer, and he (in short) has trapped all of them within his game. He also explains that any attempt of removal of their gaming helmet in the real world would result in automatic death (real death). The gamers are stripped of their gaming avatars and become their actual selves within the game.  The game creator explains that if anyone is able to reach the top level and defeat the last boss, the game will end and everyone (who remains alive) will be freed from the game. And so it begins.

       Kirito, being one of the few who played the game before most others, has a huge advantage. He knows power moves, secret treasures to gain weapons and armor, and because of this, he becomes both quickly popular and a large threat. As the show goes on we come across more colorful and unique characters. I personally loved almost every character that entered the show and the whole story concept was so detailed and so well thought out.

      I recommend this to anyone who is into anime and or gaming. It's appealing to everyone and is super addicting. I do warn you that there is a bit of gore and it has a bit of a more adult~theme to it and may not be good for those of you under 15.

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